Biobased industries

Our process expertise and laboratory at the service of the biosourced industries.

Biobased industries


In brief

Processium is involved in many projects related to the bioeconomy, which aim to transform biobased raw materials (insects, algae, wood, plants, etc.) into products for various applications:

  • Ingredients for human food and animal feed;
  • High-value-added biomolecules for cosmetics and healthcare;
  • Bioenergy.

Our edge

The wide range of projects and processes Processium has worked on over the years has enabled it to forge unique expertise and a robust project execution methodology. To carry out your projects, Processium leverages:

  • Its staff, made up of experts, process engineers and specialized technicians. Processium’s expertise in chemical engineering is recognized throughout the industry;
  • Its laboratories, to acquire the required physicochemical data and experimentally validate the process;
  • Its digital tools, which help to minimize study cost and time by streamlining the experimental process and to design the future industrial unit.


Processium’s recognized expertise in reaction, thermodynamics and multiple purification techniques (distillation, extraction, evaporation, crystallization, etc.) allows us to have a comprehensive overview of the process. From the theory to the field, our engineers offer you optimized, sustainable solutions that can be industrialized.

We support our clients in their projects of valorization of renewable resources by designing and developing innovative, efficient, competitive processes.

Example completed projects

Example completed projects

Development of a process to obtain chitosan

Technical & economic assessment on a biomass lignocellulose fractionation process

Purification of a hemicellulose sugar through crystallization

Design of a process to purify actives obtained via plant extraction

Validation of a biorefinery distillation process design


Data acquisition and modeling

Leveraging its experimental and digital resources, Processium acquires physicochemical data and develops robust models.

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Process design and development

Processium relies on proven project execution methodologies to successfully design and develop your industrial processes.

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Optimization of processes

Processium proposes improvements and transformations to help clients’ current processes perform to the fullest.

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Our technological expertise.

Discover the fields of technological expertise our staff can support you in.



Our laboratory equipment.

We use a wide range of laboratory and pilot equipment to perform our services.