Specialty chemicals

Specialty chemicals

Our process expertise and laboratory at the service of the specialty chemicals industries.

Specialty chemicals


In brief

Specialty chemicals is Processium’s original business activity, and the company has supported its customers in this area since 2002.

From reaction to purification, Processium designs and develops innovative new processes and also improves existing processes, making them more competitive with less environmental impact.

Our edge

Our expertise in process engineering, combined with our digital tools and our laboratories, allows us to offer efficient, economically viable, experimentally validated solutions while minimizing development times.

The wide range of projects and types of processes Processium has worked on over the years has enabled it to forge unique expertise and a high-performance project execution methodology.


Processium’s recognized expertise in reaction, thermodynamics and multiple purification techniques (distillation, extraction, evaporation, crystallization, etc.) allows us to have a comprehensive overview of the process.

From the theory to the field, our engineers offer you optimized, sustainable solutions that can be industrialized.

Processium supports its customers in all sectors where chemicals are involved, from cosmetics, food processing and fine chemicals to polymers, solvents and more.

Example completed projects

Data acquisition and modeling

Leveraging its experimental and digital resources, Processium acquires physicochemical data and develops robust models.

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Process design and development

Processium relies on proven project execution methodologies to successfully design and develop your industrial processes.

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