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Distillation processes


In brief

Processium has the tools and skills to develop full distillation processes. From acquiring thermodynamic data, modeling, simulation and optimization to experimental validation, Processium has developed a robust, recognized methodology to scale up distillation processes.


  • Acquisition and modeling of thermodynamic properties (vapor pressure, phase equilibria, activity coefficients, and more);
  • Simulation of batch, semi-batch or continuous distillation processes, coupling with other unit operations, energy integration and more;
  • Experimental validation at laboratory or pilot scale;
  • Choice of technologies, sizing and economic estimates;
  • Support in working with an equipment supplier.

Processium also works on complex or innovative distillation processes, such as reactive, azeotropic, divided-wall or side-draw distillation.

Our tools


Third-party and in-house tools enable our engineers to model and simulate distillation processes to optimize quality, yields and costs. Processium has the following tools:

  • Aspen Plus;
  • Aspen batch distillation;
  • ProSim;
  • and others.

Over the years, Processium has acquired specific expertise in simulating complex distillation processes involving recycling, energy integration, side-draws, etc.


Processium utilizes a range of tools to acquire precise thermodynamic data, including phase equilibria, vapor pressures, infinite dilution activity coefficients, and more. We have the following tools:

  • Static or dynamic liquid-vapor measurement devices, equipped with online samplers;
  • Ebulliometer;
  • Exponential dilutor.

Measurements can be performed on wide pressure and temperature ranges, from -20 °C to 280°C, and from 0.1 mbar to 100 bars.

Distillation units

Experimental validation is carried out at Processium’s process laboratory, on laboratory-sized units when our customers have little product, or on pilot-sized units that can process dozens of kilograms. We utilize the following tools:

  • Batch vacuum and high-pressure distillation;
  • Continuous vacuum, cryogenic and high-pressure distillation.

Distillation can be performed over wide pressure and temperature ranges, from -20°C to 250°C, and from 1 mbar to 20 bars. L’efficacité de nos colonnes est ajustable jusqu’à 45 étages théoriques.

Example completed projects

Example completed projects

Sizing & experimental validation of a cryogenic & pressure swing distillation process

Debottlenecking of a batch extractive distillation process

Optimization of a process to purify a pharmaceutical ingredient

Sizing of a heteroazeotropic distillation dehydration unit

Design & sizing of a heterogeneous reactive distillation process


Our laboratory equipment.

We use a wide range of laboratory and pilot equipment to provide our services.



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