Fields of activity

Fields of activity

A unique service offering for the development of next-generation processes.



In brief

With an unique range of services and a proven methodology, Processium is involved in projects in various fields of innovation.

From reaction to purification, Processium designs and develops innovative new processes, and also improves existing processes to make them more competitive and less impactful on the environment.

Our edge

Coupled with our digital tools and experimental capabilities (laboratory and pilot), our expertise in process engineering enables us to offer high-performance and competitive industrial solutions while minimizing development times.

The diversity of projects and process types on which Processium has worked over many years has enabled us to forge a unique know-how and a highly effective project execution methodology.

Processium supports its customers in all sectors where the chemical process is essential.

Fields of activity in which we support our customers in process development:

Data acquisition and modeling

New chemistry

Technological breakthroughs such as new catalytic routes, intensified technologies and new molecules enable the manufacture of more competitive chemical products with less environmental impact.

Process design and development

Biobased chemistry

Transformation of biomass (lignocellulosic) using extraction and catalytic processes. Ue of bioprocesses (enzymatic, sugar fermentation) to find alternatives to current production routes or make new products.

A wide variety of high-stakes projects

Circular economy

Development of cutting-edge technological solutions for the chemical recycling of plastics, as well as new hydrometallurgical processes for the recovery of rare metals.

Before you arrive


We are involved in innovative processes involving the capture of carbon dioxide (CO2) and its transformation into a wide range of valuable chemicals. By working to reduce carbon footprints while exploiting the possibilities offered by chemistry, decarbonation actively contributes to the transition to a cleaner, more environmentally-friendly economy.

Optimization of processes

Industrial performance

Optimizing the energy and raw material consumption of existing industrial processes is at the heart of our activities. We make a point of developing the most efficient processes for our customers, in order to reduce their ecological footprint and improve their profitability.


Our technological expertise.

Discover the fields of technological expertise in which our teams can support you.

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Our experimental capability

Use of a wide range of laboratory and pilot-scale equipments to facilitate industrial scale-up.

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