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In brief

Evaporation is a separation technique generally used to preconcentrate a mixture or replace distillation when the difference in boiling temperature of the constituents is high (e.g., in devolatilization and tar removal).

Processium has the tools and know-how to develop evaporation processes from end to end.


  • Acquisition and modeling of thermodynamic properties (vapor pressure, phase equilibria, enthalpy and more);
  • Evaporation process simulation, pairing with other unit operations, energy integration, etc.;
  • Experimental validation at laboratory scale;
  • Choice of technologies, sizing and economic estimates;
  • Support in working with an equipment supplier.

Evaporation is an energy-intensive, sometimes complex separation technique. Processium supports you in making the right choice of technology and developing optimized evaporation processes (integration, number of passes, etc.).

Our tools


A wide range of third-party and in-house tools enable our engineers to model and simulate evaporation processes. For example, Processium has the following tools:

  • Aspen Plus;
  • Aspen Exchanger Design and Rating;
  • ProSim;
  • and more.


Processium has tools to acquire precise thermodynamics data: phase equilibria, vapor pressure, and more. We have the following tools:

  • Ebulliometer;
  • Units to measure static or dynamic liquid-vapor equilibria, equipped with online samplers.

Measurements can be performed over wide temperature and pressure ranges, from -20°C to 280°C, and from 0.1 mbar to 100 bars.


Experimental validation is carried out at Processium’s process laboratory using the following units:

  • A batch evaporator, suited to manual handling of products to understand their rheological properties;
  • A wiped film evaporator (operating continuously), suited to products prone to clogging, as well as to heat-sensitive or very heavy products;
  • A short-path evaporator (operating continuously), suited to heat-sensitive or very heavy products.

Our evaporators can be operated over wide temperature and pressure ranges, from 50°C to 250 °C, and from 10-3 mbar to 1 bar.

Example completed projects

Example completed projects

Elimination of monomers from a polymer using a short-path evaporator

Optimization of an oil devolatilization process on a wiped film evaporator

Optimization of tar remover piping to increase solvent recovery yield

Sizing of an evaporator coil with integrated power

Separation of mono-, di- and triglycerides using a short-path evaporator


Our laboratory equipment.

We use a wide range of laboratory and pilot equipment to perform our services.



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