The new offer, jointly developed by Processium and Toulouse White Biotechnology (TWB)


Expert in R&D project management in industrial biotechnologies and designer of sustainable and innovative solutions, Toulouse White Biotechnology started its activity in October 2011. Since its creation, its objectives have been to accelerate the development of industrial biotechnologies and to promote the bioeconomy through a public-private consortium. Processium has been a member of this consortium since 2016, which has enabled the company to get more involved in the fermentation and genetic engineering environment. Today, industrial biotechnology projects represent about 30 to 40% of Processium’s activity, depending on the year.


Processium and TWB are developing a joint offer based on their respective fields of expertise. 


In order to ensure the technical and industrial viability of the projects conducted by TWB, Processium provides its expertise in process design, development and optimization within a joint offer. Thanks to its technical and economic studies, Processium can strategically articulate R&D actions and optimize any project development time and costs from its outset. These studies aim to establish a purification process for a bio-production target molecule and to estimate the production costs of a complete process. It will help to detect the technical and economic viability conditions, to identify the parameters with the greatest impact on production costs and to help the decision making process for the project development.


« TWB has extensive expertise in fermentation and genetic engineering. Our expertise in process engineering is complementary and covers different project aspects: production costs, waste treatment, environmental impact, etc. Our long-term vision and the technical and economic evaluation of bioprocesses enable us to identify the conditions for the viability of a project on an industrial scale at an early stage. »

Pascal Rousseaux, CEO of Processium.


Thanks to these new integrated offers, in collaboration with Processium and Syngulon, TWB reaffirms its position as the preferred partner for R&D projects in the French and European biotechnology field.

« After partnering with Altar and iMEAN in 2020, TWB continues to diversify its service offering with Processium and Syngulon. Their complementary expertise will accelerate the development of sustainable and innovative solutions and facilitate the development of bioprocesses, from the research to the industrialization stage. »

Olivier Rolland, Executive Director of TWB.


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